Compunet Case Study

Compunet Case Study

Achieving 98.6% Autoverification Levels in Chemistry and Immunochemisty

CompuNet Clinical Laboratories needed a way to maintain quality while meeting customer demands in light of a shrinking supply of qualified laboratory personnel. Data Innovations provided a solution using Instrument ManagerTM for autoverification that resulted in consistency of result production, improved quality and made more efficient use of the staff’s time. This allowed CompuNet to offer additional tests in house and significantly improve turnaround time for routine work.

Implementing Autoverification using Data Innovations middleware resulted in:

  • 45% reduction in the steps required to  perform results review
  • 98.6% reduction in the number of samples  requiring staff review
  • Reduction in tech time by 4 hours per day per  instrument group per site
… and we are just getting started!

The Profile


Hospitals, Specialty Practices,

Reference Laboratory


Chemistry / Immunochemistry


11M Chemistry / 20M Immunochemistry


14 Testing Labs

1 Reference Lab

2 Hospitals

13 Oncology Practices


4 LIS Systems Including Sunquest Laboratory and Quest QLS

Key Takeaways

  • Autoverification: 98.6%
    • Daily average to review from 2011 to 2013
    • Saving by more than 4 hours per day
  • 45% Reduction in Steps to Review
    • 28 out of 51 steps eliminated
  • Integrated with Bio-Rad Unity Real Time
  • Rules:
    • Organization, Ward, Practice, Specialties and Patient-level
    • Instrument Change: 1 to 2 days to change rules
  • Expanded to other work-areas
  • All core disciplines

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