Data Innovations Releases EP Evaluator 11

September 27, 2013 – South Burlington, VT

Data Innovations, the world leader in Quality Assurance software for the clinical laboratory, announces the launch of EP Evaluator Release 11.0.

New in Release 11.0 is a Trueness module that can assist laboratories which participate in External Quality Control (EQC) or External Quality Assurance (EQA) programs to quantify their bias compared to their peer group. The Trueness module also evaluates uncertainty using available bias and precision components. This allows an organization to have a centralized, vendor-agnostic solution to calculate and monitor Trueness and Accuracy regardless of the EQA or EQC programs utilized in their institutions.

EP Evaluator is also being released in a scaled version called EP Evaluator COFRAC that will provide laboratories with the appropriate statistical modules needed to seek or maintain accreditations with the Comité Français d’Accréditation (COFRAC) in France and its Overseas Departments and Territories.

This release also has an enhanced data acquisition utility to import data directly from external middleware and/or LIS systems. In addition to Instrument Manager, Release 11.0 will allow the ability to import data directly from one of Europe’s leading middleware products, Laboratory Production Manager (LPM). EP Evaluator’s enhanced data acquisition utility allows rapid development for connectivity with external data sources to eliminate tedious data entry activities.

For more information about EP Evaluator ® Release 11.0, go to or contact our regional Sales & Marketing Departments.

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