Lab Proficiency Reporting

Lab Proficiency Reporting

Simplify and derisk CAP reporting with automated, electronic test result delivery

College of American Pathologists (CAP) compliance is an essential part of a lab’s success. But, did you know that 60-70% of CAP failures and non-compliance issues are due to manual error? Inaccurate data entry, and incomplete or erroneous form submissions result in mistaken proficiency testing failures that can put your lab at risk.

Lab Proficiency Reporting from Instrument Manager takes the risk and manual effort out of reporting Proficiency Test results with seamless, direct transmission of proficiency test results accurately and instantly to the CAP every time.

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Key Features

Automatically deliver results via Direct Transmission

Integration with Instrument Manager using the CAP’s Direct Transmission transmits proficiency test results instantly and accurately

Reduce reporting errors

Eliminate the need to manually enter proficiency test results on paper or online, significantly reducing clerical errors

Save time and money

Automated transmission of proficiency test results lets lab staff focus on new results, not data entry

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