Data Innovations announces Pooled Specimen Testing Solution for COVID-19 testing at scale

January 8, 2021 – South Burlington, VT

South Burlington, VT – Lab enablement solutions industry leader, Data Innovations, has announced the launch of Pooled Specimen Testing from Instrument Manager. The new Pooled Specimen Testing solution, built on Data Innovations’ flagship lab enablement platform, Instrument Manager, help labs meet increased COVID-19 testing demands for asymptomatic patients.

“Data Innovations is proud of how we’ve partnered with hundreds of our lab customers across the globe over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Premila Peters, President, Data Innovations. “Our Pooled Specimen Testing solution from Instrument Manager is a direct response to a critical lab need to help scale and manage high-volume testing for asymptomatic screening while confronting reagent shortages and other supply chain challenges,” said Peters.

Pooled Specimen Testing has risen to the top of lab protocols that support high-volume testing for asymptomatic screening while confronting reagent shortages and other supply chain challenges. As cases continue to rise – coupled with community interest in reopening and resumption of normal activities – labs will need to meet increasing test volume demands while maintaining or even accelerating result turn-around time.

Pooled Specimen Testing from Instrument Manager is designed to flexibly adhere to individual lab standards for integrated large-scale screening, while providing comprehensive pooled testing workflows to simplify often complex Pooled Specimen Testing processes.

“Pooled testing for SARS-CoV-2 has tremendous potential to increase the number of patients we can test with the limited resources we have available. The pooling utility within Instrument Manager will allow our facility to safely and efficiently manage the pooling workflow without making significant changes to our LIS or EMR. Pooling in our facility would simply not be an option without this functionality,” said Todd Sangel, Operations Manager, UnityPoint Health.

Data Innovations provides vendor-neutral software and solutions for clinical labs to optimize performance across all disciplines. With key solutions to support COVID-19 testing and spanning lab connectivity, productivity, quality, performance and reliability, and analytics, Data Innovations is credited with establishing the lab enablement software space and driving vendor-neutral solutions within and across labs.

They are a global software company, serving 6,000+ hospitals and laboratories in 85+ countries.

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