Premila’s Perspective: Supporting Our Customers’ Success

DI Digest – Q1 2024

At Data Innovations, helping our customers succeed is at the heart of our business. For thirty-five years, DI has led the lab middleware industry by creating vendor-neutral connectivity that provides clinical labs the freedom and flexibility to interface any lab instrument they want into a single workflow management platform called Instrument Manager™.

Today, we continue to support our customers’ success in a variety of ways. But it all starts by first understanding your needs and daily challenges. We believe the best way to do this is by first developing  effective relationships with our customers. Effective relationships become possible when we listen to you, understand your stressors and goals, and work with you to accomplish your objectives.

A Variety of Ways We Listen

How do we do this? We start by listening to labs through a variety of channels. Here are a few examples: In the past year, our Sales team has ramped up making in-person visits to our customers for face-to-face feedback on their labs’ performance. Our Customer Support team documents daily roadblocks and service needs. And our Technical and Professional Services team gains insight into the complexities and uniqueness of each laboratory we serve.

In addition, various user groups we host – both in-person and virtual – enable customers to learn about our latest product and service enhancements while sharing challenges and best practices with one another. This month, we are connecting with some of you at a user group in Dallas. Other user groups we are planning this year will focus on Epic users and the public sector industry. From these gatherings, we always come away with useful insights and ideas to help the labs we serve achieve new levels of efficiency and quality patient care.

In addition, we host an ongoing customer advisory group and regularly conduct broad voice of the customer sessions to gain insights that drive our product roadmap.  We are very grateful to our large customer community for giving us enhancement and improvement ideas using our ideas portal.  We also gain insights into industry trends and developments from the market conferences we attend, such as the upcoming Executive War College, which we are pleased to sponsor.

Delivering Innovative Solutions

With the discoveries we make through these various channels, our teams innovate solutions that answer the needs we hear from you. For example, we learned that connectivity downtime has been a challenge experienced by many of our customers. With Lab GPS, we introduced a convenient and efficient way for laboratory staff to monitor and troubleshoot all of their instrument, LIS, and Instrument Manager connections from a single platform. This proactive solution sends alerts anytime a connection goes down and gives administrators the ability to restart connections remotely. Our newest version, Lab GPS v2.1, introduces a mobile app with the same functionality, providing administrators the freedom to manage their lab’s connectivity from anywhere, anytime.

A Proactive Partner

Through innovations like Lab GPS, we’re proud to be a proactive partner in helping our customers implement leading-edge tactics that improve productivity while positively impacting patient care.

Our Customer Success Managers also work proactively to ensure enterprise labs are informed of opportunities to improve their performance through DI solutions that fit their needs – whether it’s improving turn-around times, decreasing downtime, enhancing quality, or relieving stressed staffing. DI’s Customer Success Managers help labs with limited resources be more productive and efficient, grow more quickly, and adapt more effectively to changing market conditions.

At DI, we strive to excel as your trusted partner, both proactively and reactively – whether it’s reaching out to offer your lab a technical health check or quickly resolving daily issues through our Customer Support team that consistently achieves a 95% or higher level of customer satisfaction.

Through all the ways we listen, respond and innovate to help our customers succeed, our foremost goal is to be considered a trusted partner in your laboratory’s success.  Together, we can achieve excellence in patient care that starts in the lab. 

Premila Peters 
President, Data Innovations

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